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Lift and shift” has proven an excellent way for the businesses who are trying to find cloud migration of the workloads during a low-risky way. The path to digital transformation is full of challenges, deciding which legacy applications to migrate on modern platforms and which to modernize to enhance reliability, serviceability, and functionality.

Fast forward to ten years from 2020, cloud computing is the new follow-on technology that holds similar promises and more. Cloud Migration with us recognizes the need to leverage the power of cloud and value existing assets while modernizing, migrating and transforming your existing portfolio. Leading your cloud journey

However, cloud migration  can represent a daunting journey. Forced to re-evaluate their assets IT decision-makers face mounting pressure. They are facing the urgency of cloud and cloud migration on multiple fronts. Cloud migration at Brooksys Technologies provides a managed suite of agile services in order to guide your organization on this journey. This service combines global digital delivery and best-in-class technologies to thoroughly analyze options ensuring a successful migration, modernization, and if needed management of your environment.

You can control your total cost by rationalizing and modernizing your application portfolio and infrastructure to exploit new services capabilities.Lift and Shift?

Finding “quick wins” by moving the workload from on-premises to the cloud is a proven way to start-up with a kick start of cloud migration. Applications are effectively “lifted” from the current environment and “shifted” over the cloud. As such no significant changes are made in the application architecture, data flow and authentication mechanisms.

This is referred to as the “lift and shift” approach. But let’s take a step back and see the four ways of migrating the workloads on the cloud according to AWS:

  • Rehost (Lift and shift)
  • Replat form (lift, tinker and shift)
  • Repurchase (drop and shop)
  • Refactor/ re-architect

There is no-one size strategy, so if you were to ask a cloud specialist, which one is best then they are more likely to say “It depends”. The drivers for choosing the right approach range from using the least-disruptive approach to application compatibility, risk management to ROI, performance to cost. Lift and Evolve with Brooksys Technologies

With our powerful SaaS-based cloud migration platform and expert managed migration services we automate the process of upgrading operating systems. You need a cloud migration partner to navigate costs and technical` challenges. Our experts will identify the critical pain points and challenges, set your application strategy, identify the business value of critical applications and processes, hence helping you create the business case for migration, modernization, and transformation. A successful cloud migration ensures both speed and zero-risk. Enterprises can’t afford to have downtime or wait for snags to smooth out.

Once the data is in the cloud, it’s easy to re-engineer those applications. To learn how Brooksys Technologies can help your applications and workloads as you migrate to the cloud-faster , more cost-effectively and with lower risk – feel free to reach out to us –



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