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Security Systems Installation

Security Systems Installation


Security Systems Installation

We are able to provide specialized, one-of-a-kind services to fulfill the needs of Individuals, Corporate, industrial CCTV Installation and maintenance, and commercial markets thanks to our wide range of experience and modern Skilled Engineers.

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    CCTV Installation

    Do you require expert assistance for installing CCTV cameras in Kenya? The company to speak with is us. We have extensive customer and practical expertise installing both residential and commercial CCTV systems.

    Access Control Installation

    If you are thinking of boosting your systems in order to automatically recognize, authenticate and approves a person's identity before granting full access then we are the right people to contact

    Intruder alarms

    Are you trying to find Kenya's top alarm systems? In that case, you are at the right place. When it comes to implementing various alarm system kinds, We are highly regarded and fully equipped for this

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    Quality Service

    We provide the latest infrastructure ensuring that we deliver according to our clients expectations.


    Professional Team Support

    We are constantly committed to offering the best assistance to resolve client issues and guarantee ongoing business progress.

    We make work enjoyable.

    There are rivals in the ICT sector who provide the same services as we do, but we actually care about our customers.


    What is a CCTV?

    Closed-circuit television, or CCTV, is a system that enables you to monitor activity inside and outside of your place of business. You can watch events live on monitors and cameras, and recorders store material for later use.

    What is an access control system?

    Access controls authenticate users and grant them access to the data they are permitted to view and use. Who should have access to the data at your company? How can you be certain that people who try to access have been genuinely given access? When would you refuse access to a user who has access privileges?

    What is bugler or intruder alarm?

    An intruder/burglar alarm system is a collection of interconnected gadgets that is designed to guard against intruders and alert the owner or the monitoring station/center in the event that the protected areas are violated.