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Data Recovery & Backup

Data Recovery & Backup


Data recovery and backup

We are here to your data in the event of a loss and setting up secure systems that allow you to recover your data as a result. Data backup requires the copying and archiving of computer data to make it accessible in case of data corruption or deletion.

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    Recovery Services


    External Hard Drives

    We recover data from all types of external hard drives such as Toshiba, Dell, HP, Lenovo, e.t.c

    Hard Disk Drives

    Don't think of recovering data from your computer or laptop as being impossible, we have the solution you are looking for.

    Mobile Phones

    Did you happen to delete files from your mobile phone accidentally? Well we have a solution to your problem.


    Is your USB flash drive corrupt? If your flash drive had important information then we are here to save you.

    SD Cards

    If your SD card is corrupted or you've accidentally deleted files, we can recover your media files and other important files.

    Backup Services

    Whether you need full backup, incremental backup, differential backup or mirror backup. We got you covered.