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Point of sale system

Installation of a point of sale system at Machakos Cottages


The human resources, financial, and operational strategies will be determined by the corporate strategy chosen.

James Oruoch

/ Group Chief Executive – Brooksys Technologies
Retailers run the risk of slowing down their operations and missing critical data that could help them grow their business faster. Having key insight about their customers, their inventory level and when they should order more supplies are examples of information a POS provides


Our solution

Increase functionality
With our modern POS system, businesses can improve their flow and function. Modern POS systems do more than just offer flexibility when processing daily transactions. They improve a merchant’s chances of success by providing them with the tools to streamline business operations
Streamline of sales from multiple locations
By investing in a mobile POS system, you can expand the reach of your business and products, selling to consumers from locations other than a physical store.
Track Real-Time Data About Sales Performance
Rather than requiring you to transfer data from one system to another, our POS is integrated and offer real-time dashboards to see sales performance and metrics at any moment.
Inventory control
Our POS systems are comprised of a database which enables merchants to keep track of the items they have in stock. With advanced inventory data stored within the POS software, retailers can use their POS to look up previous transactions, track their best-selling items, and reorder products when they get low in stock.
Employee management
Our POS systems are an effective way to track sales by individual employees. As well as the employer monitoring the performance of sales teams, employees use such systems to track their own sales statistics. By tracking sales statistics, employees become more aware of their own personal sales targets and objectives.


A POS system, notably makes it easier to manage your retail business. A POS system can significantly simplify daily business tasks and in some cases can even be revenue-generating.
Better inventory management
A POS makes it easy to keep track of the inventory your store has. It allows you to manage your inventory in real-time and to know the number of products you own over a given period.
Simple invoicing
Point of sale software allows you to record and group all your invoices.
Quick payments
A point of sale helps make payments faster. The employee selects the products the consumer wants to buy and the system automatically calculates the price. The invoice can be sent by email or printed directly on the spot with a receipt printer.
Better customer management
By having a POS system, it is possible to document your customers’ information in your system.

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