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Brooksys-Broadband networking

Objectives and flexible tactics in a growing market


The growth of the Internet is a phenomenon that will alter how we interact with one another, learn, entertain, and conduct business.

James Oruoch

/ Group Chief Information – Brooksys Technologies
A business working in this industry has a wide range of interesting potential. The prospective business opportunities are definitely quite large. This case study examines Brooksys Technologies, its corporate goals, and the plans it has made to meet those goals.


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When you want to be productive, a good internet connection helps. The faster the download and upload speeds are, the easier it is to work with documents and stream videos (or upload them). You can also make video calls without the internet cutting out as much.
Desire to communicate easily
Communication is vital and the world has seen just how crucial a part the internet plays in this is. Social media helps us stay connected and in touch with others. Email, whether for work or for leisure, helps us to do the same. Without the internet, it would have been all phone calls, snail mail and text messages. Keeping in touch would have been much more difficult.
Saving Money
Going online can save you money; whether it’s to run a business, to educate your children, to book your next holiday or do something else. People can learn using free online resources and businesses can cut costs, which allows them to offer their products or services at a cheaper price to their customers (if they wish to).
A reliable internet connection offers a lot of convenience and allows us to complete tasks with much less hassle, whether that’s downloading a document or making a video call to a work colleague or a loved one. With a good internet connection, we can work, educate ourselves, entertain ourselves and save money. Finding a good deal is worth the search.


In its years as a public company, Brooksys Technologies has enjoyed considerable success in possibly one of the most competitive market.
Keep your work running effectively
Everything depends on the internet connection – even your office’s internal network. A slow internet connection can bog down your internal network as well as the external one.
Use of cloud-based applications
Cloud-based services are becoming more and more popular among businesses. By subscribing for cloud-based services, these services enable businesses to take benefit of cutting-edge applications without having to manage and maintain specialized systems. Many businesses conduct business using a variety of cloud-based applications. The disadvantage is that because these applications are sending and receiving data to a remote site, more bandwidth is needed for them to operate efficiently. If there are several internal users of the programs, the bandwidth requirements rise.
Ease of communication
One can easily send a message to the people in question through various online platforms. Additionally, most organizations have online platforms where workers hold discussions on various topics and assignments.
Ease of research
Before the internet, it was challenging for one to research as they had to read many books. However, the internet has a wide range of information that anyone can access at the convenience of their locations.

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